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Advertise Your Event, Product, Service, Project OR Yourself in the A-LIST!


What is the A-LIST?
Our organization sends e-blasts throughout the month to our 5,000+ affiliate email list,* which includes entertainment professionals of all types and levels (*writers, directors, actors, producers, casting directors, film/TV studio executives, attorneys, publicists, production company execs, music professionals: A&R, producers, songwriters and other artists.)
The A-LIST has no more than five (5) ads of recommended events, products, services, etc.

This is also great way for writers/directors/producers to advertise their project by providing a logline/cast details/etc. and specifying project need. For example, a film seeking distribution, a writer seeking a literary manager, or even a way for an actor to advertise themselves to casting directors, talent agents and other industry professionals on our list.

What Does it Cost to Advertise in the A-LIST?
Ad must be 75 words or less in B&W text and includes a link to your website.*

Option 1: To advertise an Event priced under $50 (no image) OR
to promote an Informational Press Release (one image allowed) - $50
Option 2: To advertise an Event priced over $50 (no image, text only) - $100
Option 3: To advertise any Single Event, Product/Service or Project (one jpeg image) OR to promote any Press Release including fundraising (200 word max.) - $125
Option 4: To advertise Multiple Events, Products, Services, etc. (one jpeg image); Options 3&4 are Guartanteed Dedicated Blasts for date you select (200 word max) - $150

Ads are blasted once; for additional blasts of same item, a 50% discount applies; maximum of 3 same blasts in a month period...to be courteous to our list. :)

Important Details
All advertisements must be approved by BiH board of directors. Consideration is only given to events, products, services, or projects that are specifically geared toward entertainment professionals. The BiH board reserves the right to deny advertising that the board decides is not aligned with the organization's mission statement or if the ad conflicts with a BiH event/product/service.

Ready to Submit Your Ad for Approval?
To submit an ad for consideration for our A-LIST
, email your ad here! Remember, ad must be no more than 75 words and include your website link (no graphics). Notification will be given within 3 business days. Upon board approval, payment must be sent within 48 hours. As a courtesy to our advertisers, no more than 5 ads will be included in any A-list.*

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Advertising Costs

Founded in May 2005, BReaKiNG iNTo HoLLyWooD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your payment is tax deductible. Acceptable payment methods include Check/Credit/Debit via the Paypal link above OR via Money Order payable to "Breaking into Hollywood" to 9595 Wilshire Blvd. 9th Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. No refunds. *Ad and press release are different. Press release is released through Hollywood & Vine magazine; all other A-LIST items are released via BiH.

If you have ANY questions, please call us at (310) 712-3459!


"Breaking Into Hollywood is a fantastic resource! It's an organization that provides essential career info, as well as an opportunity to meet mentors & friends pursuing a similar path."
- Valerie Meraz, Vice President of Program Acquisitions - Showtime Networks

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